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What’s the cost if you do it the “regular” way?

Let’s say you prefer to do it the classical way. We made some calculations, in order to see how much more you pay, even if it looks like you are saving the money. We even extended the time period to 2 years, in order to lower the monthly amount.

The website

You choose a free CMS solution, which seems to be pretty easy to use. You pay nothing for it. After spending some time with it, maybe even try some themes, you will ask some professional to build your website. This will normally cost you between 1.000 and 2.000 euro. We’ll stick to 1.000.

Web hosting

This costs somewhere between 5 and 25 euro each month. Let’s say 5.

Technical support

Normally you should handle it yourself, if it is well done. Still, you should consider 1 hour per month within your budget. We’ll reduce it to 5/year in our calculation.

Invoicing software

That will be another 12 to 30 euro monthly. We will calculate with 10.


Total (2 years) Total (1 year) Monthly
Website 1.000 € 500 € 40 €
Hosting 120 € 60 € 5 €
Support 500 € 250 € 20 €
Invoicing 240 € 120 € 10 €
TOTAL 1.860 € 930 € 75 €
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