The peezzer product

To describe our product in short words, we can say it is a practical, unique and innovative one, designed especially to save your time! It is business-oriented, designed to match our own needs and we will keep adding new and awesome features, the same as easy to use!

Innovative invoicing

The invoicing system has everything you need:

  • fast way to create an invoice, via a really intuitive interface
  • QR code on each one of your invoice, recognised by any banking app
  • practical analytics, processing data concerning all of the incoming and outgoing amounts (VAT also), for all the currencies
  • management of the received invoices, for better archiving

Amazing simple website builder

We developed for you an unique system that saves your time and helps you get quickly online.

The website builder in short words:

  • easy to use; no technical knowledge is required
  • search engine optimised (SEO)
  • from the initial setup to a published website it’s only a manner of minutes
  • a predefined structure, used by almost all of the company websites

Contact management

The contact management module was designed to be simple. Fill in a simple form and there you go! Later, you won’t need to refill it in other modules, such as the invoicing one.